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The healthcare industry is changing rapidly.

Your customers are taking control of their health, and as with most of their interactions, they expect a streamlined digital-first experience.

It’s not enough to simply keep up with this ever-evolving expectation. Your product needs to keep customers engaged, provide the utmost value, and actually deliver improved outcomes in order to survive.

Field is a boutique customer experience consultancy that specializes in digital health products.

We combine customer research, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement to define how features and capabilities intersect with customer expectations and needs.

We help improve the full experience of your product across the entire customer journey, so that you deliver optimal value and build loyalty.

“I enjoy discovery sessions with Field where we talk-out what needs to happen and discover use cases for our product. The workflow makes it easy for all of us to think about different concepts, and get to a place where we’re covering the functionality we need to be successful.”

Doug Nelson

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, SimpleC

“We were trying to figure out how not to sit on our hands for a quarter. Field’s insights into our customers were exactly what we needed. Now that we’ve seen audience segmentation qualitatively, we’re comfortable enough to apply it.”

Heath Hyneman

CMO & Co-Founder,

“Field’s discoveries led the strategic direction of our new e-commerce and media platform. They provided an exceptional level of professionalism, fusing just the right mix of art and science.”

Emi Kubota

Vice President, i play. Inc.

Who are we?

Jenny Sun
User Experience

Bridging business objectives with customer needs, Jenny is the driving force of Field. She believes that exceptional experiences are born from empathy, collaboration, and meaningful connections. A teacher and mentor in the Atlanta UX community, Jenny is a strong proponent of sound research informing useful design.

Andy Silvestri
Product Design & Strategy

A tireless communicator and analytical thinker, Andy leads the Product Design arm of Field while also wearing the day-to-day operations hat. He maintains a sharp focus on the “why” and the “how”, and seeks useful design outcomes that benefit social progress and human well-being.

We’ve helped digital health companies optimize experiences, increase engagement, and improve customer outcomes for over a decade.

We’re passionate about what we do, and our work reflects what we believe in: truth, transparency, empowerment, authenticity, and empathy.

Whether you’re facing a high volume of customer churn, or you’re not sure what the next step is for your product, we want to hear about the challenges you’re facing.

Tell us one thing about your product that you’d like to change.