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Is your product engagement suffering because patients hate the experience?


Have you ever wondered if you’re building the right features? Have you wasted time committing to a guess or risked everything on hope alone?

Imagine if instead of relying on hope, you had clarity and were making confident decisions about your product that improved patient outcomes.


We use consumer insights to
optimize digital health applications.


Going directly to consumers will demystify the painful problems you’re facing, show you what’s working and what’s not, and help you:

  • Synchronize your business strategy with your consumers’ needs
  • Improve metrics that matter to you, such as user engagement, conversion, and most importantly, revenue
  • Gain customer endorsements and testimonials to use in your marketing
  • Formulate the best go forward plan for your product and discover where to focus next

“We were trying to figure out how not to sit on our hands for a quarter. Field’s insights into our customers were exactly what we needed. Now that we’ve seen audience segmentation qualitatively, we’re comfortable enough to apply it.”

Heath Hyneman

CMO & Co-Founder,

“Field’s discoveries led the strategic direction of our new e-commerce and media platform. They provided an exceptional level of professionalism, fusing just the right mix of art and science.”

Emi Kubota

Vice President, i play

Who are we?

We’re Andy Silvestri and Jenny Sun – collectively, Field – a user experience consultancy in Atlanta, GA. We’ve been helping digital health companies understand their consumer and provider audiences for over a decade.

We may be a good fit if:

  • You have a digital healthcare business with a revenue-generating product in the marketplace
  • You take the user experience of your product seriously
  • You are committed to helping your customers be successful
  • You are open to learning from your customers
  • You understand that research is a vital part of building a successful product