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Product Therapy
Do you feel like your product needs to be refined, repositioned, or redesigned all together?

Our Product Therapy service points you in the right direction with answers and insights directly from your customers. Start making informed decisions about your product, increase customer conversion, and identify usability issues that stand in the way of success.

Proof of Concept Testing
Think your concept is a game-changer, but you’re not sure how the market feels about it?

Proof of Concept Testing puts your concept in front of potential customers and gets you honest, actionable feedback. Reduce your risk and understand how your ideal customers prioritize information and make important decisions. Get the answers your team needs to move forward strategically.


Website Rx, $1499
With Website Rx, you’ll get the expertise you need in just the right dosage.

We perform a teardown of your website to reveal specific, actionable improvements that will make a big impact on your customer’s experience.

A limited number of teardowns are available each month.

Strategy Call, $249
Are you having trouble deciding what path to pursue? Do you need an outside perspective? Not sure if you’re ready for research?

Clear your head and get strategic advice directly from us, one-on-one. Book a one-hour video call to sound-off on your vision. We’ll help you sort through the clutter and outline a roadmap for progress.

A limited number of one-on-one calls are available each month.

Research Coaching, $4500 paid quarterly
Gain unlimited 24/7 access to our research expertise for a period of three months.

We answer questions and address any issues regarding how to implement qualitative research into your current process. We also provide insight into formulating a proper research approach, common research practices, and how-to wisdom that will help you conduct your own research studies.

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